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Annual Luncheon Final arrangements for the annual Ladycliff Reunion Luncheon are underway, yet there is still time to register for the event. The luncheon will be held on Saturday, June 10, at the West Point Club on the Hudson.Activities for the day include 9 am Mass at Sacred Heart Church, 11am cocktails at the WP Superintendent's Home, Quarters 100, and lunch at Noon.The anniversary years celebrating special reunions this year are the Classes of 1941, 1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, and 1976. Click on Contact us for more information about the event or to learn about registering for it.

2006 Annual Luncheon The Association's Annual Luncheon will take place on Saturday, June 10, 2006, at the West Point Club. Invitations will be mailed approximately two months prior. If your contact information has changed or you are not on the Association's mailing list, use this site to update your record and thus ensure delivery of your invitation.

Class of '66 40th Reunion Members of the class of 1966 are planning a reunion during the summer of 2006. We would like to contact as many of our classmates as possible in order to get their input regarding plans for this event. If you are a member of our class and are interested in attending or helping, please contact Kathleen Hayes Byers ( Thanks so much. We look forward to seeing you next summer.

The Class of 1975's 30th Reunion, October 22, 2005 The Class of 1975's 30th Reunion will take place on October 22, 2005 date is 22 Oct 2005, at the Highlands Country Club in Garrsion, NY. Start time is 7pm. Information about the cost of the event is not available but will be sent out once the dinner menu is set. Anyone interested in staying at Mary Hall, now the 5 Star Inn should RSVP to Susan (Smitty) ( or Veronica (Ronnie)( Check this website for updated information about the event.

A Message from the LCAA Board of Directors Regarding the 2005 Annual Reunion Luncheon
The Board of Directors of Ladycliff College Alumnae Association have sent out the annual letter announcing the upcoming Luncheon/Reunion to be held on June 11, 2005 at the Officer's Club at West Point. We urge all graduates and members of the Ladycliff "family" to return their response to Ladycliff College, PO Box 104, Highland Falls, NY 10928. Return the form regardless of attendance. PLEASE fill out the WHOLE form including class year. SIGN your checks! Returning the form enables us to check our listings for corrections, deletions and ommissions. If any names were inadvertently left off the mailing, just drop a line and you will receive your letter. Thanks to the alumnae who are trying to get their classmates together for the luncheon and sending on names and addrsses to me. This helps out so much. Post new info on the website, send it to the PO Box or contact Mabel Callahan Galu--'59 at Thanks to those who have sent updates and I hope to receive more information to add to our Ladycliff Family. The Board of Directors is working diligently to give you all a fun reunion. See you on June 11. Mabel Callahan Galu '59

2005 Annual Alumnae Luncheon
The annual Ladycliff Alumnae Reunion Luncheon will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2005, at West Point, New York. The day's events will begin at 9:00 a.m. with a Mass to remember deceased alumnae at Sacred Heart Church, Main Street, Highland Falls. A cocktail hour will take place at the Superintendent's Home (Quarters 100) from 11:00 a.m. to Noon, and the luncheon itself will follow at 12:00 p.m. in the West Point Club. For additional information about the event, use the "Contact Us" function for this website.

June 2005 Luncheon, A Special Event for the Class of 1954 Members of the class of 1954 have made good use of this site to locate one another in order to plan a special day at this year's luncheon. In addition to gathering as a group, the Class of 1954 hopes to connect with their "big sisters," members of the Class of 1952 at the luncheon as well. Alumnae of both classes are encouraged to attend this year's event. Anyone needing additional information should contact the Alumnae Association through this website.

Plan a Class Reunion at Our Former Campus: Information on Room Availability at the Five Star Inn, Our Mary Hall
The management of the Five Star Inn at West Point, formerly Ladycliff's Mary Hall, welcomes the opportunity to assist Ladycliff Alumnae with the planning of their class reunions. The hotel is available from 1 October through 30 March for these types of activities. During this period, reservations can be made any time with virtually no restrictions. During the peak season (1 April - 30 September0, room availability is limited and reservations are taken only 30 days in advance. Contact the manager of the facility at (845) 446-5943 ext. 1101 for additional assistance and information.

June 11, 2005
The 2005 Ladycliff Alumnae Association Annual Reunion Luncheon at the West Point Club.

June 2005
Ladycliff Remembered:  A Journey through Time, Dr. Linda Best's book about the College will be available for order.

Ladycliff Park and the Vision Community Group:  An Opportunity for Ladycliff Alumnae to keep the College's memory alive. From Angela McLellan: Indira Mandowski of the Vision Community Improvement Group is going to write about Ladycliff Park and put it on the Vision site. She will detail what has already been accomplished thus far and list the donors. In order to raise the money needed to beautify the little park we are selling memorial bricks at $150 each. We are hoping more alumni or a class will donate one either in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone or something. Those bricks will be the path that we used to walk on to get to "town". The village donated a black Victorian lamp post for the park and Vision purchased two. The two benches already there will be concreted in soon and be placed along the path.

Mailing Address for Vision: Vision P.O. Box 667 Fort Montgomery,NY 10922 site:

Recent Events

January 2005 The Class of 1972 returns to Mary Hall for a winter reunion. On January 14, 2005, twenty members of the Class of 1972 celebrated their 33rd reunion with a weekend of events in Highland Falls. Activities included fun in the former LC dorm, where the women stayed for the weekend, dinner at Pineapples, lunch at the Thayer Hotel, a visit to the Ladycliff Museum in the Town of Highlands Historical Society, a pajama party, and Mass at Sacred Heart Church. Photos from the event will be posted on this site soon.

June 2004
The Ladycliff Alumnae Association Annual Luncheon, the West Point Club, West Point, NY

Assembly of Graduates article on Ladycliff Luncheon

Gray Matter Article A Publication of the US Military Academy at West Point

Ladycliff Today

A Letter from Mabel Callahan Galu (59), LCAA Recording Secretary, regarding the addition of a gazebo at Ladycliff Park, Highland Falls. The following letter was sent to Mr. Fred Brennan, Editor,News of the Highlands, Highland Falls, NY for October 29 publication. Dear Fred, What a delight to see the addition of the gazebo at Ladycliff Park! I think the placement of the gazebo at the foot of the park, near the memorial plaque and flower garden is the perfect spot. I happened to be passing by and stopped to watch as the Village crew took time, trouble and great care in its placement. My personal thanks to these men for their hard work. At one time or another, all Ladycliff students walked up this pathway heading to town for various needs. We all made stops at the 5 & 10, Pickwick, Highland Falls Bank,Dyroff's Drug Store, Movie Theater and the Grand Union. All of these businesses were right in the middle of Main Street and shopping was so easy. Since the good nuns didn't give approval for "bar-hopping", the Venice, Radio Bar, South Gate and Galu's were "supposed" to be off limits! Somehow we did get in to Galu's Bar!! ( I had a connection!) Sadly, most of these locally owned establishments and some of their proprietors are no longer with us. Of course, Ladycliff has also seen its' demise as part of the Village. However, the Spirit of Ladycliff does remain. The Alumnae Association holds a reunion/luncheon every year beginning at Mass at Sacred Heart Church, picture taking at the Ladycliff Park sign followed by grand, noisy day of reliving fond memories of our youth. The sole purpose of the Association is to keep an updated list of Alumnae and primarily to "give back" to the good Sisters who so lovingly cared for their students of long ago. These are the Orders of the Sisters at Mt. St. Francis in Peekskill and the Franciscan Sisters of Peace in Haverstraw. This past year our Association donated nearly $20,000 to these two deserving religious orders. All of the money coming from donations given by the graduates.Of course Ladycliff College does not physically exist any more but its spirit lives on in the hearts of the graduates. This wonderful spirit has just moved across the highway to a sweet idyllic triangle of land created by those who have a great fondness for Ladycliff and all that it stood for.So I ask the residents of the Village not to be disturbed if you see movement in Ladycliff Park near the benches or under the old fashioned street lamps in the soft quiet of the evening. Please listen in to the laughter and chatter taking place in the gazebo. No need to fear--it will just be the Spirit of Ladycliff, finally finding a place of comfort and rest. My personal thanks to all those who have been involved with bringing Ladycliff College back home to Highland Falls.

Sections of the chapel windows now adorn a church in Holiday, Florida

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