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2017 Annual Alumnae Association Luncheon To all classes celebrating the anniversary of their graduation:
Thank you for keeping the Ladycliff spirit alive and well. In addition to the private weekends or days you may be planning, please remember that the entire Alumnae Association would rejoice and be grateful if you would allow us to join the celebration and thus we invite everyone to join all the Ladycliff grads at the annual Alumnae Association luncheon. This year the date is June 10th 2017 and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Hotel Thayer. U
se the registration form to sign up. Registration Form [Note: this is last year's form, which collects the correct information but has last year's date at the top. We're having technical difficulties with this year's form.]

1978 Reunion Planning The Class of 1978 has begun planning events to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of our graduation. May 18-20 2018 will be our reunion weekend. Please contact Judy (White) McCallum: or Maureen (Gallagher) Rogone: for information. The class also has a page on Facebook which will be updating information and events.

2016 Ladycliff Reunion Luncheon Please read the following letter from the Ladycliff Alumnae Executive Board, and use the registration form to sign up. Letter  Registration Form


In Loving Memory of Jeanellen Daniels Kata - Class of1975. Jeanellen Daniels Kata, Class of 1975, passed away after a courageous battle with cancer on March 19, 2014. Jeanellen was a loving wife, mother, and early childhood teacher and administrator. During her teaching career she was instrumental in starting two preschools, both which are flourishing today because of her devotion to the young children they serve. To eight of us, all Ladycliff classmates from the Class of 1975, she was the greatest friend you could ever have. Her beauty, laughter, and unconditional love brought pure joy to each one of us. For 40 years since we graduated we had gone away together every February no matter what was happening in our lives. She was the heart of our group, the sweetest one of all of us. We ask you to keep Bean's family in your prayers. Deo Duce, beloved roommate. Catherine Baldauf Montague, Class of 1975 Note: The Alumnae Association will have a Mass said in Jeanellen's memory. It is the organization's practice to send a donation to the Peekskill Nuns and to the Sisters of Peace for a Memorial Mass whenever notified of the death of any members of the Association.

Letter from Mrs. Mills

In Memory of Barbara Ceglowski, class of 1956. The Ladycliff College Alumnae Association mourns the passing of Barbara Ceglowski, class of 1956. Barbara was the sister of Mary Ceglowski Goldberg ‘59 and classmate of her sister-in-law, Joan Galligan Armour ‘56. Condolences may be sent to Barbara’s daughter, Mary Haas, 2670 E Otero Place , Unit 12 Centennial Ohio, 80122 or to Mary Ceglowski Goldberg, 4059 Quince St., Denver Colorado, 80237

The Ladycliff Family will remember Barbara, Mary and Joan in their prayers.
Rest in Peace, Barbara

In Memory of Alexandra Sereda-Long, Class of 1937
With deep sadness, the Alumnae Association announces the death of Alexandra Sereda Long, class of 1937. Alexandra and her classmates were the first class to graduate from Ladycliff College. Alexandra was he last surviving member of that class. She died two days after her 95th birthday on January 6th. For many years Alexandra traveled from Missouri to Highland Falls to attend our annual Alumnae reunions. In 2007, she took great pride and pleasure in celebrating the 70th Anniversary of her graduation. When that achievement was announced, Alexandra received a standing ovation. With quiet pride she remarked "Why are they making a fuss, I am just a Ladycliff girl"! Alexandra Sereda Long had a sweet soul and pleasant, joyful spirit. The Association regarded her highly--not just because she was a member of that first Ladycliff class but simply because she was " a Ladycliff girl ".

The Passing of LCAA Board Member Georgiana Gallichio Heath, Class of '61

The Board of Directors of LCAA is sad to announce that on December 20, 2011, our faithful Board Member, Georgiana Gallichio Heath, class of '61 passed away in Staten Island, NY. Georgie was a hard working member of the Board. Her husband Richard is an "honorary" member of LCAA, working along side Georgie on many fund raising projects.  Georgie was a true asset to the Ladycliff Family and her fellow Board Members will miss her joyful attitude and faithfulness in all our endeavors. She was an upstanding example of the Ladycliff Spirit. May she rest in peace.
Please keep Richard, Georgie's children and grandchildren in your prayers.

Phyllis C. Borzi was confirmed on July 10, 2009 as Assistant Secretary of Labor of the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA). Details

Seeking Ladycliff College Alumni, Class of 1979 for Class Reunion.After attending the Luncheon on June 13, 2009 for our 30th reunion year, a number of the members of the Class of 1979 discussed trying to organize a larger class reunion. If you are interested please contact me or visit this site for further details. Thank you, Eileen Gaughan DiLauro

The Board of Directors of the Ladycliff College Alumnae Association wish to thank the Franciscan Sisters, alumnae, former professors, friends and family who attended the annual luncheon/reunion on June 13, 2009. It was a true pleasure for us once again to take part in the renewal of friendship and love that is the mainstay of the Spirit of Ladycliff. The annual luncheon/reunion day began with the celebration of Holy Mass at Sacred Heart Church in Highland Falls . Pastor Fr. Jack Arlotta officiated at this Mass as we remembered the living and deceased members of Ladycliff College Family. Our Ladycliff Alumnae Association has 1,495 names in the Alumnae in the registry and this year 370 graduates took the time to respond to our annual letter. We had a record number of 217 in attendance at the West Point Club. There was a great deal of “joyful” noise as former classmates, roommates, big and little sisters greeted each other. For the first time in many years, each Anniversary class was well represented. It is truly uplifting to know that because of this Alumnae spirit, Ladycliff College remains open in our hearts. We were so proud to have former professors with us at the luncheon with Fr. Gavin Reilly, Rev. John Mills and Drs. Sheila Ackerlund, Vivian Carlin, and Serafina De Gregorio as our guests. Fr. Gavin gave the opening remarks and the blessing. Franciscan Sisters from Mt. Saint Francis in Peekskill and members of the Franciscan Sisters of Peace in Haverstraw were also our guests. Both orders humbly accepted the annual donation given by the Alumnae Association. It is the ongoing purpose of the Association to offer assistance to both Franciscan Orders. Throughout this past year we have received sad information of the passing of Ladycliff Alumnae and also spouses and family members. When informed, we do our best to send our condolences to the families. If you wish to share information about yourself or family members, please send on this news to the Ladycliff website, or to PO Box 104 , Highland Falls , NY 10928 . We are always amazed at the resilience of some of our more mature Association Members. Our sole Alumna of the class of 1937, Alexandra Sereda Long at age 93, joined us from Missouri and Marion McGlew Ranft, class of 39 was 91 in March.Sr. Natalina received a standing ovation when it was announced that she was 99 years of age. We ask that you continue to be faithful to the Association. Our Post Office Box 104 is always open so please send us any new addresses, corrections and deletions for the registry. Our Ladycliff website, cared for lovingly by Linda Buzzeo Best-72 is a great internet service and you can post your Ladycliff memories and comments for all to see. The Board of Directors of the Association welcomes your remarks, compliments and criticism. Let us know how we can be of better service. We would enjoy reading your comments about the luncheon. Again, our thanks to those who attended the luncheon and we look forward to seeing you again next year--bring another classmate with you! With all good wishes and many blessings to you all, The Officers and Board of Directors of Ladycliff College Alumnae Association.

Please note there is now a "Ladycliff College" Group in LinkedIn, the business networking site. I noticed when I searched for Ladycliff College that LinkedIn actually has a fair number of graduates that were members but since Ladycliff is no longer operating, LinkedIn search logic was not connecting us.  Setting up a group enables us to connect and gives us a presence on this important business networking site. Please feel free to join. We would love to see you. Susan Benjes Bellrose, Ladycliff Class of 1972

2009 Ladycliff Reunion Luncheon Please read the following letter from chairwomen Mabel Callahan Galu ‘59 Marion McGlew Ranft ‘39, and use the registration form to sign up. Letter   Registration Form

January 2009 '72 Ladycliff Newsletter

Members of the Franciscan Federation of the United States gathered in Denver this past July for their Annual Federation Conference. Each year the annual "Peacemaker Award" is presented to an individual nominated by their congregations whose life and actions model for others a person who has moved out of their comfort level toward a deeper sense of Franciscan Evangelical Life and who inspires others to do the same.

The Ladycliff College Alumnae Association is honored to announce that "one of our own" is the recipient of this prestigious award. Sister Regina Holtz,(Mary Jane Holtz) a member of the class of '65 was cited for her work with the poor and homeless; her care of HIV infected babies; her focus on justice issues; her volunteer work in Africa and her personal investment in global justice.

Congratulations Sister Regina, the members of the Alumnae Association are so very proud of you.

Prior Events

Class of 1978 Reunion. The Class of 1978 conducted its 30th reunion the fall of 2008. Judy White McCallum has established a class website at The password is CLIFF. We are looking to reach as many classmates as possible. Please contact Maureen Gallagher Rogone or Judy White McCallum via this site for details.

Plaque Dedication 6/14. The Board of Directors of the Ladycliff College Alumnae Association invite local alumnae and all friends of Ladycliff to join us when we dedicate the historical plaque in honor of the Franciscan Sisters and Ladycliff College. This dedication will take place at Ladycliff Park on June 14, 2008.
Approximate time--3:30-4:00 after the annual luncheon.
Please join us for this very special happening!

2008 Ladycliff Reunion Luncheon. Hello to all Ladycliff graduates and friends of Ladycliff, This is an early notice to inform you all that our annual Luncheon will be coming up on June 14, 2008. If you think you are not registered with the Association, please send your mailing address to LCAA, P O Box 104, Highland Falls, NY 10928. Information and Luncheon registration letters will be going out in mid March. We want all members of the Ladycliff Family to join together on June 14th. Please let classmates know of the upcoming luncheon. We look forward to seeing you all again this year.
LCAA Board of Directors.

Class of 1972 June 2008 Newsletter

Class of 1972 Reunion

2007 Ladycliff Reunion Luncheon Please read the following letter from chairwomen Mabel Callahan Galu ‘59 Marion McGlew Ranft ‘39, and use the registration form to sign up. Letter   Registration Form

New book celebrating Highland Falls' 100th birthday. Ladycliff College alumna Ronnie Clark Coffey, class of '69 has penned a new book celebrating Highland Falls' 100th birthday. Since Ladycliff Academy and Ladycliff College were long standing institutions in the Village, Ronnie has seen fit to include pictures and commentary about both in her book. In her introduction to the book, Ronnie writes, "whatever the provenance, these images now give us the opportunity to see the past and to enter it, time and time again. The book, HIGHLANDS, $19.99, Arcadia Publishing. Available at area bookstores, independent retailers, on-linebook stores, or through Arcadia Publishing at or (888) 313-2665.

Alumnae Association Meeting. The next meeting of the Ladycliff College Alumnae Association will be on October 23, 2006 at 4:30 PM. The Board of Directors and Advisors will be meeting at the Red Oak Diner on Route 9W in Fort Lee, NJ. ( on the right hand side of 9W,  before the George Washington Bridge ) All are welcome to join our group as we dine together and then discuss our plans for next years luncheon. Please join us, we welcome your company.

2007 Annual Ladycliff Reunion Luncheon, The 2007 Annual Ladycliff Reunion Luncheon will take place on June 9 at the West Point Club. All graduates registered with the Alumnae Association will receive invitations in late February or early March. To ensure receipt of yours, please update your contact information on this website. The Association warmly invites all alumnae to this wonderful event and extends a special invitation to the following anniversary classes: '37, '42, '47, '52, '57, '62, '67, '72, and '77.

Class of '66 40th Reunion. The Class of '66 will be holding their 40th reunion on the weekend of October 14th. The luncheon will be held at 11:30 on Saturday at the West Point Club.  Many of us will be spending the night at the Five Star Inn, attending Mass at Sacred Heart, and then heading to brunch.  As of the first of September, there are 31 class members confirmed for the event.  If you would like more information, please contact Kathleen Byers via this site's Contact Us page.

Ordering Ladycliff Remembered This is Linda Best's Book about the College. Just under 70 copies remain of a limited edition printing of this memorial to the College. Use the order form to purchase your personal signed copy. You can also click on Contact Us to get a message to her.

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Ladycliff Today

A Letter from Mabel Callahan Galu (59), LCAA Recording Secretary, regarding the addition of a gazebo at Ladycliff Park, Highland Falls. The following letter was sent to Mr. Fred Brennan, Editor,News of the Highlands, Highland Falls, NY for October 29 publication. Dear Fred, What a delight to see the addition of the gazebo at Ladycliff Park! I think the placement of the gazebo at the foot of the park, near the memorial plaque and flower garden is the perfect spot. I happened to be passing by and stopped to watch as the Village crew took time, trouble and great care in its placement. My personal thanks to these men for their hard work. At one time or another, all Ladycliff students walked up this pathway heading to town for various needs. We all made stops at the 5 & 10, Pickwick, Highland Falls Bank,Dyroff's Drug Store, Movie Theater and the Grand Union. All of these businesses were right in the middle of Main Street and shopping was so easy. Since the good nuns didn't give approval for "bar-hopping", the Venice, Radio Bar, South Gate and Galu's were "supposed" to be off limits! Somehow we did get in to Galu's Bar!! ( I had a connection!) Sadly, most of these locally owned establishments and some of their proprietors are no longer with us. Of course, Ladycliff has also seen its' demise as part of the Village. However, the Spirit of Ladycliff does remain. The Alumnae Association holds a reunion/luncheon every year beginning at Mass at Sacred Heart Church, picture taking at the Ladycliff Park sign followed by grand, noisy day of reliving fond memories of our youth. The sole purpose of the Association is to keep an updated list of Alumnae and primarily to "give back" to the good Sisters who so lovingly cared for their students of long ago. These are the Orders of the Sisters at Mt. St. Francis in Peekskill and the Franciscan Sisters of Peace in Haverstraw. This past year our Association donated nearly $20,000 to these two deserving religious orders. All of the money coming from donations given by the graduates.Of course Ladycliff College does not physically exist any more but its spirit lives on in the hearts of the graduates. This wonderful spirit has just moved across the highway to a sweet idyllic triangle of land created by those who have a great fondness for Ladycliff and all that it stood for.So I ask the residents of the Village not to be disturbed if you see movement in Ladycliff Park near the benches or under the old fashioned street lamps in the soft quiet of the evening. Please listen in to the laughter and chatter taking place in the gazebo. No need to fear--it will just be the Spirit of Ladycliff, finally finding a place of comfort and rest. My personal thanks to all those who have been involved with bringing Ladycliff College back home to Highland Falls.

Sections of the chapel windows now adorn a church in Holiday, Florida

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