Ladycliff Remembered, A Personal Journey

October 2, 2004.    My work to write a book about Ladycliff has taken many exciting turns.  Responses to my calls for assistance and information have been numerous, reflecting the enthusiasm and generosity of spirit I recall from my years at the College.  Each lead brought fascinating detail to the story, which has become more rich and more comprehensive than I ever imagined.  At some point, my project went beyond paying a tribute to Ladycliff to become a personal journey.  I re-connected with friends, made new friends, reflected on my own story, and came to understand my personal development more fully.  We will all agree about how deep our regard for Ladycliff and the Franciscans Sisters is.  This sentiment has urged us to keep in touch, to meet regularly, and to support the Sisters.  It is important that we continue our College's story, and this journal will allow us to do just that.  Now that we are separated from our College experience--in the harshest way possible with its closing--let us re-connect and keep the spirit alive by telling stories and sharing news here.




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