Ladycliff College Song

Hello to all in the Ladycliff Family. While trying to sort out papers in my box of Ladycliff paperwork, I came across the following Ladycliff College Song. This song is not to be confused with the Ladycliff Alma Mater..."Oh Alma Mater,Ladycliff, We pledge our love to thee...."
If any of you know of this song and when it may have been first sung, please post your thoughts here on this site.
In a thriving little village,where the lordly Hudson flows,
Stands a white historic building, one that everybody knows.
'Tis the abode of wisdon's power, And of strength and learning too;
Of the knowledge of earth and of heaven,
Hurrah for the gold and blue!

Hoping to hear from some grad with a strong memory!
Mabel Callahan Galu, Membership Officer, LCAA '59

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