Graduates Sought

The following is a list of Ladycliff Alumnae for which the Association does not have current addresses. If anyone recognizes the names of these classmates and can acknowledge their present addresses, please contact the Association. The names are listed according to year, last name, first initial, maiden name. Thank you for your help.

Looking for addresses of these '40's graduates:
41--Gauvreau,M Rudell
'42--Olsen, B.Brunner

'43--Driscoll,M Galligan,

'47--Sinapi, J.Smelten
'48--McGowan,M., Galati,C.DeMay
'49--Maloney,K.Wood,  Clark,R.Bradley, Cannon R.Connor
'50--Vaczy, G.Wurschinger, McAvoy,MJ Carlson
'51--Skiba, B. Baldwin
'58--Benigno,M.Baliman, Derwent,ML Duff
'59--Berka,A.Browne, Lentenoff,RM Thomas, Brown,J.Mann, Larkin,A.Donelin, Ramsden,A.Fuller, Tortorelli,N.Coakley
Brady,M.Byrnes, Casey, K. McCabe

'61--Bacon,K.Schwengel, Bling, R., Coyle, M. Wilson, Aversano, AM Patrizio
'62--Cassidy, P,
Zocher, L. Helfenstein, Koslowski, C. Maloney
Dittbrenner(?), Bary,N.Byrne, Boozer,B.Smith, Bury,A.Byrnes, Castaldo,D. Murphy,P.Corcoran, Dunn,A.Perotta
'64--Gisolfi,J.Polsenski, Speedy,S.Robinson, Bookless,A.Kane, Cross,P.Bonomo,
DeFelice,M.E., Langlois,J.A.Oakley, Rogers,G.Sorrise, Zimbouski, H. Wojtusik, Wissing,K.Kennedy,
Clover,P.Oswald, Cross,J.Ruccio, Pitta,M,Gilligan, Glover,M, Amatulli, Fitzgerald,M.King, Faulkner,E.Murphy
'66--O'Donnell,K. Murray,B.,
Campbell,P.Sullivan, Bucceri,S.Hoban, Early,M. Davies,M.Gibbons
Snyder,S.  Gilmartin,M.Caverly, Dunnells,(?),  O'Neill E.O'Rourke, O'Neill,J.Doyle,  McCann A.Fitzgerald, Case,C.
'68--Jagger,M.Seymour, Dionisio,D.Wells, King,J.Byrns, Leonard,K.Duffy,
Burrell,S. Cass,   Fox J.,   Fair-Delano,V.,  Dew,R.Lawler, Opter,J.Foley,  Plante, B.Benvento,  Hauge,J.Monaghan, Holden,M.Smith, Trapass,D.Mackey,  McLaren,M.Pemrick, Lauretti,K.Shaughnessy
'69--VanTassel,B.Daly, Porter,S.Ryan, Broh,Ida,
Carpenter,A.Amico, Flanagan,N.Degenhardt, Yaop,P. Lambert
'70--Fairweather,N. Peduto,N. Licenziato, C. Miller,C.Czysewski, McGrath,M.Polsenski, Catani,K. Wood,A.Riess, Nell,M.,
Ryder, F.Norwell
'71--Lehnert,D.Felitti, West,M.Fitzpatrick, Burnet,S. Walters,B.
'72--Seifts,M. Capello,M. Impellitere,E. White,A.Aviles, Desimone,C. Elliot,P. Metivier,D. Hoousley,K. Dignan,K.O'Brien
'73--Connolly,V.Gallagher, Kuhlow,S.
'74--Biswas,W.LeBleu, Huisking,ML.Dammer,Hughes,A.
'75--Carroll,M. Adams,M.Thompson, Preston,J.Marchello Burns,P.Bivona, Pregno,A.Clemente, Kreck,A. Grant,R. Page,K.Miller
'76--Adams,J.Volcommer, Adams,M.Thompson
'77--Schoen,D. Miller,C.Broda
'78--Ianacci,M. Struder, C.Mitchell, Elkow,J Anderson,A.O'Hare
'79--Nelson,K., Poser,C Uzarski,M.Brett
'80--Herdrich,L.Alles, Geraci,A.
'81--Pinchbeck,L. Wadell,D.Quackenbush, Morsch,MJ McDaniel,M. Herbison,S., Evans,K.

The following names are on the LCAA mailing lists, however we do not have class years or full names for some of them. 
Hopefully, someone can help us out to complete our mailing list. Thanks in advance. 
Listed as last name, first initial,and maiden name.
Angeline,(?)  Arnoldo,M.  Baker,JA Marotta, Berry,J.Grant, Brooks,W.  Byrnes,W.  Carr,C.Comiglio,  Carrigan,D.
Dean,(?)  Inane,C.Totani,    Kelly,S.   Kolodziejski,(?) Liautaud,J.  Marcucci,M.  Mascalino,A.    McGonigle A.
McKenna,C.   McLoughlin,T.  Mustello,D.    Pitondo,M   Piasecki,J.Miller,    Sullivan,M.   Tortorelli,R.  Walts,C.   
Winslow,G.   McGlynn,K.   Corbi,R.   Fallon,MA   Gibson H, Mealy A.   Bowman,H.  Bradley,J.  Elting M.Siefts, 
Quinn,C.  Davis,S.   Dobson,R.    Elliot,D.

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