My Skirt and Tandem Bike Story

My fondest memories involve my friends and their fun-loving adventures. By today's standards these were pretty tame.
I have to mention that my group usually followed the rules. We were not rebels except in subtle ways. One time two of us were riding a rented tandem bike in Highland Falls. We were not allowed to wear trousers or jeans and this became problematic as our skirts were swirling up over our seats. We quickly returned to the dorm and up the stairs (no elevator) for stealth to change into jeans. Of course, as we were returning down the stairs we ran into our RA who was a nun. Her raised eyebrows said it all. I countered with my skirt and tandem bike story. She looked the other way!
I do believe that our easy going reputation assuaged the situation.

Rosemary Giordano McKinley
class of 1969



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