To the Class of 1954

I was part of the Ladycliff class of 1954, but had to leave in 1952. I would very much wish to contact some of my former classmates and renew old friendships. If this would be in any way possible, would I be able to hear from you and get a list of those women? I saw a letter from Mable Galu class of 1959 and she asked about a classmate of mine named Anne Pace. Someone was trying to contact Anne and no one seemed to know where she is. I know that Anne had a sister Jeannine who graduated in 1952 and possibly that would be a way of contacting Anne. My name now is Patricia Steinbrecher and email address is My maiden name was McConville. As I said I was part of the class of 1954 and although I left in 1952, I still recall with very fond memories my days at Ladycliff and always hope to be a part of that school. Please help me to renew these acquaintences again. Thank you so very much. Pat Steinbrecher.

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