The Story Behind the Ladycliff Watercolor

Following is the story behind the Ladycliff watercolor posted in the Photo Gallery:

I live in MD & I am writing to you to tell you about a framed watercolor (signed Farley 1905) which my husband & I purchased about 35 yrs ago at an auction held at a home in West Virginia. The glass was very dirty & shortly after we brought it home I took it apart just to clean the glass. I saw that there was writing on the board supporting the watercolor, but didn’t do any research to try to identify either the artist or site. Since it was purchased in W.Va I have always assumed it was of the cliffs near Harper’s Ferry. I have just taken it into a local framing shop to be reframed & the framing shop associates & I have deciphered the writing to say:

The Convent with Mary Scholars

Please send 100 copies of this picture

to E. H. Dickey Highland Falls, NY C.O.D. by Express

You will probably receive larger orders for this picture separate from the booklet - it will sell like hot cakes here and at the convent - make it an advertisement for the booklet yet to come - you could make a larger copy than the one for the booklet


“LadyCliff” South (?) of West Point

I “Googled” Ladycliff & came up with your site. The framing shop will photograph the picture for me so I can send you a copy if you are interested. Given the date of 1905, it would have been painted before the college started & when Ladycliffe Academy was just starting up & shows a building which appears to the building featured on the right on your home page. I am interested in knowing if you have any information on the “booklet” referred to or if you might have any information on the artist (JPFarley). Is the building still standing?



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