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I just stumbled across the website guestbook and Iím so excited to see it up and running.  The Class of 1966 will be celebrating its 50th anniversary  in 2016 and now, May of 2015, we are beginning to make plans for a reunion.  I am trying to find classmates and would appreciate hearing from anyone from our class (or those who may have been in our class at sometime during our Ladycliff years).  My address is:  My maiden name was Barbara Gillis.  My husband, Bill, and I have lived in Southern California since we were married in 1967.  He retired from Jet Propulsion Laboratory in June after 47 wonderful years there.  Now we are enjoying traveling and spoiling our six grandchildren.  Thanks for having this website.  I will check it frequently as we get our plans together for our 50th reunion!!

Barbara Gillis Weber, '66.


Unfortunately, I was part of the last freshman class to enroll at the "cliff". I'll never forget we were just about to complete the year when we heard the news that the school was closing. We rallied to keep the school going. I remember when the news crews came out and all the girls at the college joined together.

While I wasn't fortunate enough to graduate from the "cliff" I will never forget the beautiful time I spent as a scared unsure freshman in college. I still consider myself a Ladycliff gal. If the school hadn't closed I definitely would have finished my Bachelor's degree at the school. I remember all the concerts we performed and singing engagements. I still have photos.

I recently went back a few years ago just to peek around and my heart broke. The chapel is no longer there and I remember the little path behind the dorm where we could sit on the cliff and just look out over the hudson. Spellmen Hall appeared the same but my dorm totally changed. The grand piano is no longer there is no slate staircase, in fact no open space at all. Now it is just a hotel, but I walked the halls anyway and could hear the voices of all the girls.

I don't know if you are allowing membership for those of us who attended but didn't graduate. I hope so.

Laurel K Kessler - Quinones
and I would have been "class of 83"


Hi, my name is Mary McCarthy. My sister Virginia and I attended Ladycliff for just one year during grammar school. The next year, the grammar school was discontinued. Yesterday, I took a trip up the Hudson to Cold Springs. Of course, we went past West Point, which made me think of Ladycliff. I came home and googled it to find out it is defunct. Made me sad which was surprising to me since I only attended for one year. My grandmother always said, "if you live long enough, everything changes". As I go through life, I have earned what that meant - another change!

I owe my loving memories of Ladycliff to my cousin Joe Sowa who graduated from West Point in '69. Joe tragically died shortly after his graduation on his first assignment in Alaska, but it was our Sunday family visits to West Point that made me question what the buildings were beside the gate to the academy. I graduated from Ladycliff in '76, with a bond that will last an eternity. It was the spirit of Ladycliff that continues to endear generations of alumni. It was mystical. Ladycliff will always remain a comforting companion in my heart and mind, like an old friend who makes you feel like time stands still. We were so lucky to come across the experience, the uniqueness of Ladycliff! Jean Kownacki Hoopes,

I'm an alumna of Ladycliff, too. I attended boarding school there in the 8th grade, Class of '44! Did you know about the lower school?  From 1st through 8th grades, in the original building, formerly the Cranston Hotel, where the following were said to have taken place: Generals Grant and Lee shook hands under the magnificent central chandelier in the main parlor; and, Gen. Douglas McArthur, as a student at West Point, was said to have slid down the laundry chute! The chaplain was Rev. John Kelly, a young New York priest whom my mother had known when he was a seminarian. He was badly crippled (not a word used anymore) by rheumatoid arthritis and had leg braces and crutches, but was lovable and inspirational. I hope this reaches you. I have many good and funny memories of Ladycliff which I could share.

Hi! My name was Marjorie Reynolds.  I did not graduate from Ladycliff because I left to get married after my sophomore year.  (I was in the class of '69.)  Will be celebrating our 42nd Wedding Anniversary this Nov.  Love this site!  a blast from the past! 

I eventually did get to go back to school and graduated from St. Martins in WA in 1980.  I worked for the Fed Govt for 30 years, the last 15 in AK.  Moved back to WA 7 years ago and now work for Babies R Us  Have two kids (Laura who is married and has a 14 year old son) and James who is still a bachelor.  Would love to hear from any members of the class of '69!  I am coming to NY for my 45th High School Reunion at the end of the month..


Hi my name was Ondina 'Gracie' Guzman, class of '58 and am living in Pahrump, NV. In 1990 I was widowed 5 years, and met up with my blind date for the 1st dance in Sept,1954 who happened to be our classmate Carole Ann Bradshaw's oldest brother. and we were married Nov.'90, almost 20 years ago. I have so many wonderful memories of the 4 years. I am in contact through email with Carole, Toni Scanzano, Terri Levato all of '58, and JeanAnn class of '56.

Hello!  My name is Susan Conway Rovillard.  I attend Ladycliff 1966-1968.  I did not graduate as I left to get married.  I would have graduated in 1970   I was saddened to read that Peggy Urell had died.  We also went to high school together at Albertus Magnus.  She was lots of fun.  The forty years have flown by, havenít they?  I live in Maine, have 11 grandchildren and a new career as a nurse.  I got my nursing degree just last May for my third and final career.  

C'mon ladies!!!!  let's get together for our 40th reunion!!!!  we may not be able to do this again.... i am so looking forward to seeing many of my classmates (class of 1970), in june, 2010... 

Noelle Cuono Fairweather 

Hi my name is Laura Nardi. I attended Ladycliff from 1978 to 1980 and would have graduated class of 1982. I have very fond memories of  living in Mary Hall and Spellman Hall. Ladycliff was a beautiful safe home with lovely ladies and wonderful teachers. I became a teacher like many other graduates with the expert training from Sr. Frances and other professors. I am still in contact with Anne Scully and Katrina Schwendy from our class. Memory lane includes hops at West Point, missing the last bus back and having to walk back to school, the choir, walking around town, the beautiful chapel , the view!, dating cadets, flirtation walk, Army/Navy game , and lots of a laughs! This was a a simple time in our lives even though we did not know it! I have so many beautiful memories to cherish and be grateful for. I feel privileged to be part of the history and legacy of Ladycliff.

I am Cara Powers Houghton, a 1969 Ladycliff grad.  I have no idea why I never thought of googling up Ladycliff before.  I am so happy to see that there is an active site.  I live in Massachusetts(still) and my husband Mike and I have two grown children.  Thea(32) is a media specialist for the TJX companies and Harlan is (26) and is in construction; site preparation. We all travel south together every March and Sue Ryan, I saw that you were right outside Hilton Headwhere we have spent some vacation time in the past few years. I connected with Bernadette Brosnan after finding this and related Ladycliff sites.

Each year, I see MaryLou MacDonald Armstrong and her husband Len when my husband and I meet them in Connecticut for a night of fun. I have not yet attended a Ladycliff luncheon.My sister lives in DC and in the Shenandoah Valley and always,when traveling down or home across the Tapanzee, I look longingly at the 9W exit! I am still teaching, though only part time now.  I am a music and movement teacher in preschool a few days a week and it is something that I love to do. I teach both typical and nontypical children. We have not made a decision to retire yet. When we do, we hope to build a log home near my sister in Shenandoah....maybe in a few years. I am on Facebook under Cara Houghton and my email address is
Ellen, Jeanne Dodd Christensen Ė also class of í77 --lives in Omaha, NE as well. I keep in touch with her a couple times a year but I havenít been to a reunion in a couple of years. My work schedule always seems to have a conflict. I attended a wedding in October 2008 at the Thayer Hotel and Maggie Kelly Jones for a get together at the Park Restaurant. No matter how much the town has modernized some Things just stay the same. It was stepping through a time warp Ė in a good way! Colleen Templeton '77

I'm a graduate of the class of 1979, Margaret (Bickmeyer) O'Brien.I have looked at this site many times and decided today to make an entry. I still live in Huntington, New York and have four children. Donna Orella and I are still very close and we're in touch with Maureen Brody as well. I have such wonderful memories of Ladycliff, I especially like to share the stories about curfew and being campused if out late and not being allowed to cut a class, etc. My children can not believe such rules ever existed, and no boys!! I've showed them this website and again they are in disbelief that a campus could be small. To many of us that was the beauty of Ladycliff. I would love to hear from former Ladycliff girls, My e-mail is
I'm a graduate of the Class of 1980 and attended Ladycliff for all four years. I've been back to the campus within the last few years on a class trip and re-visited many of our old haunts -- at least the ones that are still standing! Many incredible memories as I look at all the pictures on the website today. I'd forgotten how beautiful the campus was and the many individuals that comprised our Ladycliff community! My email is if anyone is looking through this and would like to reconnect from the Class of 1980. Many wonderful memories of Fr. Joe Flynn as well as all of the students at "Moving Up" ceremonies each year and singing with the ladies at our class tables! Chris Gelston Ramus Harkins '80.
I went to the wonderful Ladycliff reunion today. I brought with me my newly published picture book, Would You Invite a Skunk to Your Wedding? that I received from the publisher only yesterday. My friends from my class of 1970 knew that my book was going to be published so I brought it with me today to show them. Doris Daly Waddington showed it to some people she knew and suddenly I heard someone at the microphone announce my name and the title of my book. They suggested that I send the information to the Ladycliff's website so other alumnae can see and if they want can buy it. On the back of the jacket flap, it mentions Ladycliff and that made me feel so proud so see the publisher include Ladycliff. Would You Invite a Skunk to Your Wedding? is my first published picture book. It's a humorous story about a young skunk, Louie Phewie, who has a problem controlling his spray. Sometimes, when he becomes nervous, his spraying becomes uncontrollable. Despite his problem, friends invite him to be the ring bearer at their wedding. Unfortunately when a number of things go wrong at the wedding, Louie makes it a wedding to be remembered, for all the wrong reasons. Ages: 3 - 8. After the reunion I found out from the publisher that the book I brought to the Ladycliff reunion is an advanced copy from the publisher, Greene Bark Press. The bulk of the order is on its way from Hong Kong and should be here by July 9th and in the warehouse and on Amazon, etc. by July 20th. Right now my publisher has about 40 copies which people can order directly from him at There's so much to learn about the publishing business!!!! Ginger Rockett Pate '70
My name is Catherine Wyman and I was a Freshwoman at Ladycliff in 1979/1980.  My father always blamed me for the closing of Ladycliff, but I suspect there were other factors at work.  I did not appreciate Ladycliff while I was there, but in retrospect my most treasured college memories are of my days with the women of Ladycliff.  I now work at a Catholic girls school in Phoenix and I reflect fondly on the tremendous work the sisters did for Ladycliff.
I graduated in 1971 from beautiful Ladycliff College.  I found this site accidently and will show it to my daughter.  This history of Ladycliff was wonderful to read.  Thank you.  I now live in Little Rock, Ar. One day I plan to take my husband back "home"  to see the grounds and Highland Falls, Bear Mt. and West Point.  Love to all the Class of '71.   Priscilla Lawyer Howard.   My e-mail is
Hello Class of '69. It's Carol McPherson Kreeger. Where have the last 40 years gone? Den and I have been married 40 years this November, and have three grown sons and five grandchildren. After teaching 35 years in West Milford, NJ, we retired to TN to be near our oldest son and his three babies. We are actively involved in raising them and since two are girls, I am having a whole new life experience. We left NY in 2005, but it is still very close to my heart. I am so glad that Bernadette let me know about this website. I have only good memories of our Ladycliff days, and I still make people laugh when I tell them about our five o'clock curfew during our freshman year, dining rooms with table cloths and flowers on the tables, Mass in our caps and gowns, and, the floor-length robes required when leaving our rooms. And, let me not forget, a nun on each floor to keep us all on the straight and narrow. I hope that you are all well and have fun at the reunion.
Hi to the members of the Class of '69! My husband & I took a motorcycle trip to the old campus last Aug. & toured the WP museum & grounds as well as Highland Falls. Brought back great memories. I taught elem. school( mostly 5th graders) in Syosset, L.I. & retired in '07 after 28 yrs. I now work in my husband's law office in Bayside, Queens. We have two sons, one living in FL and the other was out in the midwest but now lives in NYC. I still keep in touch with a few "Cliffers" & was glad to see some familiar names on the Guestbook. Unfortunately, I will not be making the 40th reunion luncheon, but hope it'll be a success. Congratulations on a great Guestbook! June Seiner D'Amato. My e-mail address is : 
Does anyone remember Snuffy's?  And, is it still there?  Are those West Point Cadets still putting live goldfish in their beer?  I have many fond memories.  Hi to my roommate, Marsha Gavin...wherever she may be.  She lived in Cranford, NJ in 67 and 68.  What about Sister Frederick? She had everyone shaking in their boots!  She was on our dorm floor. Carol Zarichny Grossman Class of 68
Hi Everyone- I am Josephine (Jo) Greaux Dervan class of 1969. I will NOT be able to attend our 40th reunion luncheon in June as my husband and I will be traveling to Egypt at that time. After graduating from Ladycliff, I got my MLS at Pratt, got married and have 3 beautiful daughters. We settled in NJ as my husband worked in banking in NYC. I spent my career in school libraries in NJ and NY. We both retired in 2007 and now split our time between homes in NJ and Palm Coast, Florida. As you can guess, we love to travel and the Egypt trip will mark the 6th continent we've visited. While arranging the funeral of my Mom a few weeks ago, I ran into Pat Christopher (class of 1965) who used to work on the luncheon committee. Hello to all my class of 1969 friends. Peggy Gaimo Hanke (class of 1969) and I are still great friends and we are both godmothers to our third children. The years have gone by quickly... I still honor Ladycliff by using the name as my screen name on various Internet forums. I also teach online college courses- currently for Rutgers University.
Note to members of the Class of 1949 and friends:
A number of our classmates with family and guests are planning to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of our graduation from Ladycliff at this year's reunion at West Point on June 13. We are hoping that members of other classes of that era will join us.
Please email for further information. Thank you

hi everyone especially the class of 69. my name is bernadette brosnan burkert i am still married to the bartender from snuffys and it has been nothing but fun. unfortunately he has been battling cancer the last 3 years but has done especially well. we are grateful for everyday and live life to the fullest.. we actually live in 3 different states because we love everywhere we go we buy houses which of course we cant sell now so its kinda funny.. greta to see sue ryan and sue ennis on the web and you also peg... maryjo weaver throckmorton and i are still best friends... we both hope to get to the ladycliff luncheon .. this year. hope you can as well . my email is my biggest accomplishment is i went to clown college and am an official clown in florida my clown name is tara o hara. we spend the winter in  the villages in florida which is so much fun.. today i am at the jersey shore thinking about taking down my christmas tree since it's may 1st 2009... we also live in new city in rockland county.. i just found this website. who do i call about the luncheon???  ... cant wait to see you guys.. oh what fun and friendships we made..i ope we have a big turnout..who can believe 40 years it seem like yesterday we were all writing out wedding invitations in the smoker and singing we got to get out of this place... now we know it was the best of times..hey joanne brace happy anniversary.

Class of 1970: Margaret Anne Urell passed away with bravery and dignity. URELL, MARGARET ANNE, formerly of West Nyack, New York, died peacefully among family in Miami, Florida, Friday, December 7th, 2007. Margaret, who forever dreamt of flying and floating among the birds she loved so much, always found comfort in whatever nature offered her, whether an open meadow, an ocean, or an expanse of brilliant sky. The hundreds of children she taught, over almost thirty years, were fortunate to have someone as kindhearted and compassionate as she was regarded. Margaret is survived by her children: Catherine Levine [FL] and Will Carlino [MA]; her selfless sister, Ruth Urell [MA], her "Irish-twin" brother Thomas Urell [VT], two grandchildren, and several nephews and nieces. Donations may be made to the Audubon Society. Funeral Services were held on Monday, December 10th at 1 pm at St. Hugh Catholic Church, 3460 Royal Road, Coconut Grove. Memorial visitation was held Sunday, December 9th from 4:30-8 pm, with a wake service that began at 6:30 pm at: Stanfill Funeral Home, 10545 S Dixie (305)667-2518. Those who fondly remember Peggy are invited post condolences at: Barbara Snellback

Wow! What a great website. I am from the Class of 1979. The friends that I made at Ladycliff were the best and forever. I live in Illinois now. My husband I have been married almost 29 years. Our daughter, Sara, was married last June. Two Cliffers attended the wedding. My son will be married this coming June, so I won't be able to attend the luncheon. Would love to hear from any 79ers. Contact me at

I have recently come across this interesting website..It sure brought back some fond memories. Thanks for the memories! My name is Carol Commerford Owens and I graduated from Ladyciff in '66. I would love to know the whereabouts of some of my classmates. I live in Clinton,New York and my e-mail is

WOW! Where the have I been? I've never even noticed that Ladycliff has it's own web-site. With my oldest off to college I've been reliving my own college days and all the fond memories. I'll never forget our class of 79 putting on the Miss Buttermilk Falls Pageant or the days spent in the biology lab. I would love to reconnect with some of my old friends. I'm a great emailer but not that great at phoning! I'm still living in Rockland County, only a few miles from where I grew up. My mom passed away Easter Sunday 2007. It hasn't been easy since. I know my old room mate has been to this site because I just read her "What Would Sr. Petronilla Say?" So if you see this Sue, would love to hear from you. Anyone hear from Joanne Klingler? I have Jayne's email address but don't hear from her too often. Hope all is well with my class and looking forward to hear from you soon. Christine Totani Inanc

Greetings fellow Cliffers...My name is JoAnn Taylor Brace and I am a member of the Class of 1969 and 1970. I was less than 2 months shy of graduating (1969) when I got married (April '69)to a West Pointer that was to be heading to Viet Nam in June '69. While Bob was in Viet Nam I, along with Helen Moore Bowman, returned to Ladycliff to finish up our classes. Additionally I was one of two Protestants to be attending Ladycliff - Wendy Pass was the other one. (Where in the world is Wendy?) What wonderful memories I have, like writing out my wedding invitations in the lounge in between card games; making weekend trips to FT Bragg to visit Bob; teaching Sunday school across the street in lieu of going to chapel, racing to classes in the rain, etc. Would love to hear from classmates/friends:

My name is Kathleen Dunn. I am a member of the Class of 1969. I have always lived in Stony Point - just fifteen miles south of Highland Falls. My two children have grown up and presented me with two delightful granddaughters. I taught in Catholic schools for many years and was Principal of St. Peter's in Haverstraw for fifteen years. For the past six years I have been working in the field of Religious Education. I am currently at St. John the Baptist in Piermont, NY. I also teach English as a Second Language and Adult Literacy classes for BOCES in Rockland County. The foundation I received at Ladycliff has served me well over the years even though I did not appreciate it fully at the time. Last year I took my older granddaughter to the West Point Museum and told her about the "old days." Thanks for setting up this lovely guestbook so people can stop by and share a few thoughts. Kathleen Dunn

Hello fellow "Cliffies!" Like many of you, I am grateful to find Ladycliff is not just a far off memory. I was a junior in 1980 when the school closed.  I didn't graduate from Ladycliff, but it remains one of the most important, life-shaping events of my existence, still.  I have, what I call "resurrection" dreams, from time to time where Ladycliff is reopened.  The buildings and landscape remain the same, with a few additions.  Familiar teachers, nuns, classmates are there and we are jubilant at our good fortune to be reunited and watching new young women have the chance to experience the "Cliff" as we did once. There has never been a place of such love, where lifetime bonds were forged, faith and education pursued and my life as a confident woman began...I would love to hear from others in my class (1981) Patty Rohr?  Susan Parks Davis? Kathy Pizzuti? Mary Margand? Feel free to contact me  Wishing you all much love and light. Sue H.Davis

My daughter told me about this site and I am thrilled to read about everyone's fond memories of Ladycliff. My whole family goes to a West Point game each year and they have to endure my walk down memory lane.."This was my dorm,that's where Lady Hall was etc. The highlight is always sitting at smokers rock and looking at the beautiful Hudson. Though getting to it requires some determination since the path is so overgrown. Martha, Maureen, Mary Jean, Jean Anne I hope you find your way to this site I would love to hear from you. The class of '71 isn't very well represented here. Let's get the word out. Shelley Noonan Anderton '71.

We were reading through all the entries in the Guestbook and decided we'd add an entry of our own !!  This is Jerri (Carroll) Van Vleet and Maggie (Coady) Weber, Class of 74.  Maggie has lived in Fairfax County, Virginia for over 30 years and I have recently moved back to the area from Florida.  We were reminicing tonight as we were sharing a bottle of wine (not Boonesfarm !) to celebrate Maggie's birthday. The e-mail addresses are: and  .....we'd love to hear from you !!

I was a Freshman in 1965 and have been to this website before, but several of us from the class of '69 are trying to locate other classmates as it would be fun to catch up at the 40th Reunion in June 2008!  My name is Mary Jacobs Rhoades. I married a WP grad in the class of '68, left Ladycliff and  traveled all over the US.  Went back to school in '78 while stationed at Ft. Leavenworth,KS and with Ladycliff's OK, was able to receive my diploma from Ladycliff.  We have located 13 other classmates and was happy to see Peggy Murray and Sue Ryan on this site.  I will send the addresses I have after I OK it with the girls to the Association and hope to hear from more of you soon.  You can reach me at  We live in the Shenandoah Valley of Va and would love to hear from you.

I was a Freshman at Ladycliff in 1979 - 1980 and as you all know this was the year it closed. I am happy to have found this web-site and as a result another classmate of mine ... Ellen Labanowski. Without an Alumni Office or any existing Alumni Association it is impossible for us to keep in touch with the friends we all made here. If any of my old friends read this message, (Rita Hughes, Mary Beth Cavalier, Taffy White, Jean Labanowski, Ellen Labanowski, Pat Stengal) I would love to hear from you! You can reach me at Hope you are all well! Beth Fischer Tarde.

Greetings to All Alumnae. This is a message to any and all visitors to Ladycliff Park in the Village of Highland Falls. Last June the plaque in honor of the Franciscan Sisters and Ladycliff College was formally dedicated. Many of the Franciscan Sisters, graduates and friends were in attendance.The Association wishes to let you all know that the free standing plaque is now in a permanent place on the Main Street side of the Park--at the top of the personalized memorial brick walkway. If you are in the area, stop by to see this plaque purchased by members of the Alumnae Association. Ladycliff Park is truly a special place to visit.

Rose Marie Sellers signing in for the first time...I was a resident of Ladycliff Academy in the late 40s. My sisters and I, Margaret "Peggy" Sellers and Mary Alice Sellers were residents as well. Looking to hear from anyone that may have been in the Academy at that time. Some other names that were with me at least part of the time were Carol Humphries, Margaret McDermott, Margaret Manning, Lucille Johnson and the much more well known, Anne Meara. If any of you were are out there, I would love to hear from you...Rose Marie Sellers.

Leatrice Cacioli Pacicco and Helene (aka Honey) Powers Bielewicz -Class of 1950- give a shout out  to the rest of the Ladycliff Alumnae. Hope everyone is well. We're living a wonderful retired life in Bergen County, NJ (Lea) and Myrtle Beach, SC (Honey). Would love to hear from from the rest of the Rosary Hall gang from 1946 to 1950. Lea & Honey

Hi to everyone in the class of '76!  I ran into Celia Argirou at Disney World in April and met her lovely daughter.  If anyone is in the Orlando or Tampa area, drop me a line.  We can do lunch.  My email is  Peggy Gallagher Castellano

I just learned about this site. I was a student at Ladycliff from 1969-1971, graduating class of 1971. I began college at the University of Wisconsin - Madison; my husband, who I married in 1968 was newly stationed at West Point as a bandsman. Not having completed college I enrolled at Ladycliff College the following year. After attending a large university I relished the personal education I experienced at Ladycliff. I even had my first child while I was a student there. The administration and staff couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating as my son was born the semester I was to begin my student teaching. Arrangements were made to modify my teaching schedule allowing me to teach for a longer period of time but for fewer days a week. At a large university this would never have been done. I am eternally grateful to the wonderful instructors - sisters, clergy and lay people - that I met as a young army wife at Ladycliff. I just pulled out my yearbook, the '71 Cliff - this jogged my memory and I saw faces that I haven't thought of in years - what an attractive group of young women! There is even a photo of my baby (now 38) included! I will never forget that wonderful production of "Antigone." Has anyone kept track of the instructors? I imagine many of the older sisters have passed as well as others. So many fine instructors .... I especially remember Sister Grace Vincent, Joy Conley and the others in the education dept., and Mrs. Davis who took the opera class to hear the NY Metropolitan a number of times - how great it was to actually "study" the operetta, 'Jesus Christ Superstar!'  I was heartbroken when I learned that Ladycliff had closed. It was indeed a loss. Thanks to my longtime friend and fellow Ladycliff graduate for letting me know about this site. Hope to hear more news - would love to know what 'everyone is doing/has done.' So glad to be reconnected. Best to all, Sandy Hoffman - Mequon, Wisconsin

Thank you Judy McCallum (1978?) for sharing this site with me! I graduated Ladycliff in 1971 while my husband was at West Point in the Military Academy Band. Sandy Hoffman - another West Point wife - and I were probably the only married girls at Ladycliff and were treated much differently than you "innocent" ones. My husband is still in music (Richmond Symphony) and we live here in Richmond, VA - where another teacher shared that she graduated from a small college in New York - that no one probably heard of - Ladycliff! So far from the Banks of the Hudson I connected with Judy - to prove what a small world we live in!  Have a great reunion!  Jill Baedke -

This is a great way to bring a smile to my face at the end of a hectic day! such wonderful memories of a special time in my life at LCC! Look forward to remembering with all in ,before and after  the class of 73! the songs at the Venice , Park and smoker are always fresh in my head!!  be there on the 14th or be square!!!!  AB (aka Ann Mc)

happy birthday to all those who graduated in "75-----we are all members of aarp and other organizations----umm great times---maureen molloy colitre-----akron ohio never knew this existed what a wonderful website.  Thanks and God bless to all

I stumbled upon this website and am so glad I did.  I attended Ladycliff from 1972-1974.  I often think about and wonder what the girls are up to.  Those wonderful memories are almost like a dream to me now.  I was in the glee club and will always remember our trip to Italy.  I was so sad to hear Ladycliff had closed, but appreciate the time I spent there.  If any of the girls from the class of "76" remember me, I would love to hear from them.  My email address is:  Oh my maiden name was Jane Owens.

Hello to the class of 1980. I guess they saved the best for last! I would be thrilled to hear form some of the old friends I've been negligent about keeping up with. We have some crazy memories to the sleep-out protest over the curfew rule! Please write to Kathy Ryder-Rice '80 Thanks to those of you who are keeping up this great website. It is appreciated.

I attended Ladycliff from 1979-1980. I had intended to stay at "The Cliff" until my graduation in 1983. Sadly, the school closed at the end of my freshman year. I look back on my one year at Ladycliff as one of the happiest in my life. I met some interesting people while I was there. I remember with great fondness Sr. Bridgetta who was such a kind and loving person. I will always remember Sr. Barnabas,the librarian, for repremanding me when I combed my hair in the library instead of the bathroom. Her stern words " Miss, the ladies room is where one combes her hair!" are still with me. I have never repeated that mistake. I wish you all good wishes on your upcoming reunion. Ellen Labanowski-Kealey

Hello, While researching my family in the US census. I came across a great aunt Margaret Flynn, who is enumerated in the 1910 Census for Highlands, NY under Institution named Ladycliff Academy. She is on the second to last page and the address is 417 Main Street. Her occupation is Keeper of a Boarding House. Would this have been part of Ladycliff Academy? Most of the boarders seem to have a construction/ carpentry type occupation, not students. She later married William Noble and moved to Tuxedo, NY. What was Main St. like in 1910? Thank you, Scott Vautrin, Brooklyn, NY

I too don't know how I ended up on this site.  I was cleaning out a closet and came across some articles about a past roomate and I thought I would check out this website.  I graduated from Ladycliff in 1977 with an degree in art/education.  I live in Omaha, Nebraska.  I have some very wonderful memories of my four years at Ladycliff and would love to hear any information about my class or a reunion.  I am sure I missed one or many!  Thanks Ellen Strangio Wright.

I would like to be added to your alumni mailing list.  I graduated from Ladycliff College in 1978 with a BA in English and am living in Fairhope, Alabama, and teaching senior AP Literature at Bayside Academy. I would like to know where Mrs. Hollahan, one of my outstanding Ladycliff English teachers, is living/teaching now.  I am also interested in the Class of 1978 reunion.  Thanks!  Jean Burt [Reply to Jean: please use the form above to send us your email address.]

Dear Friends, My mother, Eileen Mary Gore Callan, was a graduate of Ladycliff College in either 1937 or 1939. Mom passed away in 1985, having had a life filled with people who truly loved her. We miss her still. I am wondering if any alumnae from her class are still active and can perhaps share a memory. I can be reached through email at, or through regular mail at 824 Embree Crescent, Westfield, NJ 07090.

Class of '72... So far, 5 of us are spending a few days in NYC before the 2008 luncheon... we had a blast last year. Contact me through this site for hotel info.  Hope to see you there!  Pat Rinaldi Galante '72

I graduated in '73, and share the pride and love of Ladycliff expressed by others here.  Graduating Massapequa High School in a class of 636, then going on to an entire collegiate population of around 400 was the turning point in my life.  At Ladycliff, I truly learned about responsibility... tradition... friendship.  I have stayed in touch with Linda Lilly, also '73, who has been my life-long friend.  I hope to find some others from my years at The Cliff on this site.  Thanks to all who keep the spirit alive!   Kathy Harvey Bruckner '73

Hello Class of '78..this is Bonnie Hawekotte. I attended Ladycliff College in '75 and would have been in the graduating class of '78 but I finished college in Denver, CO. My brother Bob Hawekotte attended West Point and graduated in 1976. I have fond memories of that freshman year and would love to contact several friends I lost touch with. I live in Orlando, FL now. I remember attending Sharon West's wedding in Newburgh and saw some friends there. I would love to contact Mary Wintermantel, Jane Elko, Sharon West and Sharon Murphy. Hope you all are doing well! Please contact me.. [Contacts can be made by submitting using the box above. will forward your message.] 

A note from Site Administration at Apologies for delays in posting many of the entries below. Without warning, our Internet Service Provider stopped forwarding submissions to the site. Fortunately we were able to recover the information that had been submitted, once we discovered the problem during a routine test of website functionality.

Don't ask me what brought me to this page today... nostalgia I guess.. I too have great memories of the cliff... I ( through my own fault and all the stuff that life throws at us) have unfortunately lost touch with some wonderful people who to this day are remembered in everyday stories and memories that just warm my heart. My husband of 38 yrs Paul and I often are reminded of some of the fun ADVENTURES we had with my friends. I'd love to hear from any of my classmates.. I see that Peg Murray is in Ga. one state away from me. Maybe some more are closer than I know. My old address book was destroyed in a flood mishap so I hope I hear back from this... Susan Ryan Porter class of '69

I often think back on my four years at Ladycliff as the happiest of my life. But there were many joys to follow thanks to the personal development and education I received, not to mention the wonderful classmates and teachers. I currently live in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia and would love to attend the 2008 luncheon. Thanks for keeping this site. Peg Murray, class of 1969

I am trying to contact Susan Joslin Cicchetti '78 who wrote in the guestbook about her daughter Alyssa finding this website. Our class, '78, is in the beginnng stages of having a 30 year reunion. Susan was a great friend of mine, but with military moves we lost contact. I want to let her know about the reunion and get back in touch with her personally. I've told the people organizing the reunion about this website (which I was so excited to find!) and hopefully they'll contact you with the information. Thank you, Deb Cawley

Greetings from Philadelphia: I did not graduate from Ladycliff, but did attend 1976-1980. I have many happy memories of the beautiful campus, dedicated faculty & terrific gals! All the best, Patti Spaniak

I am trying to locate a fellow classmate who went to Ladycliff Academy and graduated in 1968. She was to continue her education in Ladycliff College. We are trying to organize our 40th class reunion and are unable to locate CHRISTINE THERESA JOST. I believe she would have graduated in your class of 72. If you have any information on her such as the lastes address we would appreciate some help. Sincerely Gail F Weisner-Richard Class of 1968

Hello. This is a wonderful site! I hope to make it to the June 2008 Ladycliff reunion. Barbara J. Mahoney Kane Class of 1974

The Academy Awards Night was a big event not only in Hollywood but,for the Ladies of Ladycliff in the late 50s and early 60s.We were allowed to stay up until the end of the show well past lights out.  All sorts of p.js., rollers, slippers were the dress of the night and coffee and coke the drinks to celebrate with. About fifty of us gathered around a 12inch,black and white set and ohhh and ahhhed the glamour, the Stars. When I watch it now my kids tell me please mom not the story again! The awards are not the same anymore,no glamour, no stars, no ladies from Ladycliff. Georgiana Gallicchio Heath class of 61'(Georgie)

I am so happy I found this website. I just never thought to type in "Ladycliff" in a search engine because I didn't think I'd find anything! But, lo and behold, here it is!! I am so excited. I live too far away to attend your meetings, but would love to be involved somehow. I have not been in touch with any class of '70 alumnae since the early 1980s. I may have a contact for Martha Nell, who appears on the list of "lost" names on this site. The last I knew she and Peter (WP Class of 1970) were living in Staten Island, after years of hopping around. I last saw her in Huntsville, Alabama in 1985. Her older sisters are both alumna, class of 68 I think. Their maiden name is Martorano. My memories of my time at Ladycliff have been shared with my daughter and many friends over the years, especially the smell of the lilacs in May at the back of Mary Hall, our strict rules when I first attended in 1966 (wearing caps and gowns to Chapel, no off-campus activities after 5:30 p.m.), and the expansion of the curfew from 12 Midnight to 1 a.m. -- shocking (smile!) I was editor of the 1970 yearbook, and the editor of the paper in my junior year (I think), but I don't have any copies of the paper since all my memory boxes were destroyed by my father's second wife after my father's death. I still recall each May 27th the anniversary of my graduation and the awful food poisoning many people got at the dinner at the Hotel Thayer the night before (YES, food poisoning!!). I still have my hood and my Ladycliff College mug! My last living relatives still live near the old campus, on the other side of the Cornwall mountain and when we visit in August I will take my daughter (who is 20 and a college student herself) to see the new Ladycliff Park in Highland Falls. THANK YOU for this website. It brought a few tears to my eyes!! God bless all the wonderful nuns who taught me/us. I especially remember with fondness Sister Bonaventure, Sister Petronilla, Sister Raphael, and Sister Ellen Marie (who changed her name from what it used to be in 1969 when they liberated themselves!). I worked in the Admissions Office and the Library (old and new) and had a great rapport with Sister Catherine Frederic and Sister Brian. I was a member of the Concert Choir/Glee Club and Dr. Davis and his wife were quite revolutionary when they started entering us in competitions. I feel like "Sister Act!!" Anyway, I could go on and on...Such fond memories and such a great education! Nancy R Candeloro Peters

Susie, Hi this is Evie, Joy Conley's oldest daughter. 'Patches' was indeed a student at Ladycliff, unfortunately, she passed away before graduating. Hope you are well. I remember well visiting the college, and having the students come to visit our home.

Just delighted you have entered the electronic age . Please add my name and email to EVERYTHING! I'm always looking for other Cliffies!!! Many thanks Angela Younts

Memories from Patricia Wrobel McNamara Class of l962. My classmates are the best. Luckily a few of us still remain in touch with each other. Our class was the first to have over 100 students enroll. Only about half of them graduated. I remember riding the Army mule during a pep rally before the Army - Navy game. I continued to root for Army even though I married a Naval officer. What fun it was to go up to Tar Beach, on the roof, lathered in baby oil and iodine. Then the Army helicopters would buzz us. We also made trips to Sebago Beach. One of the funniest things we did, was to try and see how many of us could squeeze into the telephone booth. I also remember us dragging all of our mattresses into one room for some reason or other. To all of my classmates, have a great reunion in June, 2007.

Susan Endres, ne Susan M. Johnson here and I am thrilled to see this site up and running! As a proud member of the "Last Class" of 1981 (the "chartered" group), I very much look forward to hearing from any and all classmates! I hope to make the 9 June event and regret that I did not make myself aware of previous happenings. Life is fine in NJ, working for the U.S. Navy (shhhh...) and writing to only son Thomas, stationed in S. Korea (Field Artillery, West Point class of 2006). It still hits me "right THERE", when passing the old campus--though the Army has done a wonderful job keeping things up and keeping what they could. For those of you who took Museum Studies, Mr. Mike Moss is now director of the West Point Museum and reigns competantly over our beautiful Rosemary Hall. I can be "googled" or found by any Navy person on the military network. Thank you Webmistress!!

I am very happy to find the Ladycliff web page. I have many happy memories of those wonderful four years. I am a 1968 graduate and my sister, Theresa was in the 1970 class. We often had long conversations of our college life at Ladycliff. She passed away in 2003. I wish my 3 girls had the opportunity to attend, instead they have to listen to my stories. Thank you for having a place for us. I hope to be at the June 7 reunion.
Rosalie Sottile Fegan

I am Lisa DiMilia, I am the daughter of Laura Leigh Hamilton. My mom was a proud graduate of Ladycliff and told many wonderful stories of her time there. My mother passed away in 1998, but lived a blessed life. She was married for 30 years to Joseph DiMilia of Peekskill,NY. Was able to share the early years of her two grandaughters. I was amazed to actually see this web site, I found it to be a very nice piece of history that my mom shared in. [Lisa can be contacted by submitting a message to her in the space above]

My name is Susie Carter.  My maiden name is Barnes.  While I am not a graduate of Ladycliff, I greatly benefited from its fruits.  
I grew up in Highland Falls.  Many of the student teachers at the Highland Falls schools were students at Ladycliff.  I was also a 
Girl Scout.  For many years Joy Conley was my leader.  She was a professor at the teaching school at Ladycliff.  Many of her students 
volunteered with my troops.  It was the best.  I am and have been for many years a Girl Scout Leader.  I often share stories of my 
days with women like one called "Patches."  I don't know if I ever knew her real name.  She was great!  When I return to Highland 
Falls for visits (My mother, Ruby Alexander, still lives there and will never leave), I think fondly of the great college and how it 
Blessed my dear town.  I am a little sad it is no longer there.  If any of you are familiar with Mrs. Conley, her girl scouts or any of t
he women who volunteered with her, I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me at
I also googled Ladycliff, and this site came up first. Great source of information about our beloved Ladycliff! Keep up the good work!
Take a look at to see more about the Class of 75.
Cathy Baldauf Montague 1975
I was surfing the net when it occurred to me to type in "Ladycliff" and here I am.  I am a 1969 graduate and remember my four years
there as the happiest of my life and the time when I learned to be a woman.  I am semi retired from AT&T  (the old Bell System) 
and live happily in Georgia.
Peg Murray 1969
I am  1979 alumnae of Ladycliff.  I just discovered our website.  I have moved many times over the years and have lost touch with 
classmates.  I now live in Ringwood, N. J. and have my own business.  My husband Tom and I have been married for 23 years now.  
I would love to go to the 2007 luncheon at West Point.  It's nice to see the spirit of LadyCliff has thrived through the years...
Mary Bauer-Danko  1979

Dear women of Ladycliff,
I just returned from the yearly luncheon ( first one for me ever), and I am knee bendingly grateful to all of you all that have kept the faith and kept Ladycliff alive through the alumnae activities. Among other things, I now know about this web site. And I also know, that I will now come every year, as long as I can. I am so proud of every single one of you, and so happy to have been a part of this experience. As our group said many times during the weekend, our years at Ladycliff were a respite of safety before we entered the "world." And the nuns gave us that time to grow in our faith, and to grow through knowing each other. It was, as it should have been, the other girls that made Ladycliff a sacred haven. MMF, ex '62.

Thanks so much for including the info on our reunion on Ladycliff's website. I wish that there were some way to let everyone know about this website. You're doing a great job!
Sincerely, Kathleen Hayes Byers (Class of '66)

My lovely 24 year-old daughter, Alyssa Wise, found the Ladycliff website! I am so excited, and have so many happy memories of my Ladycliff years! Please send me all info about the alumnae luncheon to be held on June 11- I would love to attend! Thanks so much-
Susan Joslin Cicchetti '78

'72 Alumna awaiting annual luncheon: I am looking forward very much to seeing everyone at the Ladycliff Alumnae Annual Luncheon Activities this June. God bless. This is a great Website. Special thanks to my classmate from the class of 1972, Dr. Linda Buzzeo Best. Marie Quinlan Curry '72


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