Ladycliff Remembered:

A Journey Through Time


Reflections on Catholic Education for Women

Linda Buzzeo Best

Class of 1972

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Ladycliff Remembered:  A Journey through Time, a 57-page book, 8x11, with a wrap-around glossy cover (see preceding page), which includes 8 pages of black and white photographs.  A copyrighted, private and limited edition with a total of 300 hundred books available. NOTE:  Color photo on cover page, 80% of which have sold to date. NOTE: Color photo on cover page. In-person sales took place at the annual luncheon, 6/11. All orders now through mail, using this form.


Price for orders by mail:   $25.00 per copy, which includes postage.  Payment by check, made payable to Linda Best, or cash only.  A sell-out of available books will generate a small profit, which will be presented in full to the Franciscan Sisters.

Mail Order To:

Linda Best

46 Stella Drive

Bridgewater NJ 08807


Tear off and send with order (Please print all information).



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