The 2007 Annual Reunion Luncheon:

A Letter from Mabel Galu

Dear Alumnae,

Just a few thoughts I would like to share with you all about our Ladycliff College Luncheon/Reunion on Saturday, June 9, 2007. I think you will all agree that it was a grand day for all of us.
As everyone settled in, I took a few minutes and glanced around the room. Oh my, what a wonderful picture was painted by all in attendance.

There were 14 of our dear Franciscan Sisters, seated with various graduates. These nuns were smiling and still showing dedication and affection for their former students. How very grateful they were when each Order was presented with our annual gift. Remember, it is through your kind donations that we are able to build on these monetary gifts each year.

Our former director of Music, Dr. John Davis was deep in conversation with Rev. John Mills, French and Theology professor seated with the grads from ’72—both gentlemen, though well into their 80’s, were lively and animated. They each expressed deep gratitude in being invited to the luncheon. Over with the class of ‘77 Dr. Sheila Ackerlind, former Spanish teacher was renewing friendships with former students.

Fr. Gavin Reilly, CAP, OFM was regaling the class of ’62 with silly jokes. As usual, he had his camera ready to take pictures and add them to his memory albums. He is proud to say that some pictures in his albums date back to when he came to teach at Ladycliff in the ‘60’s. Father was so appreciative of our gift in honor of the 60th Anniversary of his ordination. After he had offered the blessing, Fr. took the time to tell the crowd a few more jokes.

Many classes were represented this year. Some classes were large groups, others with just two. Didn’t matter—we were together again. Grads in attendance were from 1937 through 1979 with some years absent in between.

Of course, our most honored guest was Alexandra Sereda Long, ’37. I hope you had a chance to meet her. What a lovely, lively lady. This grad is 91 years old and traveled from Missouri to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of her graduation. She enjoyed the fuss and expressed her pleasure in being with us on this special occasion. How nice to see all those present give Alexandra a standing ovation.

I watched and smiled as alumnae expressed true joy in being with one another. Cameras were just clicking away--group shots and roommate photos. I saw so many hugs being given. I gave and accepted a few hugs myself. It was if the day was not meant to end; only the time slot for the meal was over. The joy of being together in the present and memories of the “good old days” spilled over into the evening and the next day. No one would let go.

I know that the promises to “keep in touch” will be kept.

Once again, it was proven that the Ladycliff Spirit still exists deep in our hearts. It may be a bit silent during the year but wow, come Luncheon/Reunion time—LOOK OUT. Ladycliff grads will feel that urge to be together one more time and they will be on the move. When you attend next year, make it a point to bring another classmate with you.

I want to stand back and watch another wonderful day unfold—and see the Ladycliff Spirit come alive once again.

The Board of Trustees thank you all for coming to the Luncheon. Keep in touch by way of the website or PO Box 104, Highland Falls, NY. 10928.

With all good wishes to the Alumnae and their families.
Mabel Callahan Galu, 1959
Membership Officer, LCAA


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