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    Sign up for 2016 Alumni Association Luncheon June 4th
About the Alumnae Association   5/1/15: Guestbook: Barbara Gillis Weber '66
    5/30/14: Guestbook: Laurel K Kessler-Quinones '83
News and Events   4/16/14: In Memory of Jeanellen Daniels Kata '75
    11/5/13: Guestbook: Mary McCarthy
Photo Gallery   6/20/12: News: Letter from Mrs Mills
    3/10/12: In Memory of Barbara Ceglowski, class of 1956.
Our Journal   3/7/12: Guestbook: Jean Kownacki Hoopes, '76
    2/3/11: Guestbook: Ladycliff Boarding Scool
Contact Us   9/8/10: Marjorie Reynolds, ex-'69
    9/6/10: Ondina 'Gracie' Guzman, '58
Guestbook   10/7/08: Guestbook: Ladycliff Park
    4/5/08: What Would Sr. Petronilla Say?
Request a Transcript   7/2/07: The Story Behind the 1905 Watercolor
    4/25/07: My Skirt and Tandem Bike Story
In addition to this site, Ladycliff College Alumni have an active group on Facebook.   4/1/07: "Cliffe"
    8/29/06: Added Ladycliff College Song Page
    5/20/06: Ordering Ladycliff Remembered






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